June 24, 2016
Brand Refresh 101

Started In A Dorm Now We’re Here

Tespa asked HCI to breathe some new life into their visual identity that would allow for versatility and would fit the direction of the brand from a club at UT-Austin to the home for gaming on campuses nationwide. Their previous identity system ran into usage issues in both printed and digital formats that didn’t represent the overall vision of the brand.

Lighting the Hearth(stone)

Our first step was to key-in on what could reflect Tespa’s themes of college community, competitiveness, and growth. We chose to give the old iconography a collegiate facelift into a torch flame to signify scholastic imagery and the passing of knowledge, while also alluding to the competition of an event like the Olympics. To further expand the tie-in we created an alternate version of the logo modeled after a college crest for Tespa that we must say looks particularly dope on a t-shirt.

Nothing Like A Cool, Crisp…Logo

The typography of the logo was created to look clean and sleek, so it could live alone without the need for iconography to maximize the ways it can be used. In the end we delivered a completely new visual system that signifies the mission of Tespa to create a community and give gamers a place to make friends and the most of their college years.

Tespa Logo