December 16, 2016
HCI Makes Bath Time Fun!

Wait..that sounds wrong.

When Tubby Table approached us with the idea to redesign the packaging for their line of childrens’ bath toys, we were “bubbling over” with eagerness to take on the project. Tubby Table had established themselves in a niche market of the bath toy world, but had recently landed deals with mass retailers, and were looking to completely redesign the logo and outer packaging for their product line prior to hitting shelves.

Our assessment – the old logo and packaging were dated in look and style, with a use of primary colors and photography that was doing more of a disservice than anything. The objective included redesign of the product logo, the main table packaging, and also a new approach to the accessories packaging to ensure cohesion throughout the entire packaging line. One of the challenges with the photography was not only showing the product, but showing enough of the bathing environment that parents could see how the system all worked together within the tub.

Our collaborative strategy brought the packaging up to date with use of just enough white space to keep things fresh, but also a bathroom-inspired color palette for the logo and pops of the same colors throughout the packaging to make the system uniquely identifiable. We redesigned the logo just enough to bring it up to date without losing its core essence, keeping the signature splashes in the logo, but with new thinking around the font and overall design and font usage. Lastly, we refreshed the photography, brightening the lighting both in the environment and also pulling out on the the product and environment to give a better sense of the system setup. The result was a logo and packaging system that felt lighter and brighter, and more fun while also more contemporary, giving it the opportunity to stand out on shelf in a new space.

tubby-table-3 tubby-table-1 tubby-table-2