Transformers is a Hasbro tent pole franchise, built on years of legacy brand iterations. For Transformers: The Last Knight, the last of the Michael Bay movies, we were asked to create a bold new brand identity that not only carved out a unique presence on shelf, but also one that would signal a new Hasbro Transformers era, and lay the groundwork for the future of the franchise.

Our Work

Visual Language / Key Art / Iconography / Packaging / Creative Strategy / Brand Voice / Concepting / Illustration / Identity System / Digital / Print Assets

A Passion for Partnership

We collaborated closely with the Hasbro team from the ground up, collaborating on the initial strategy, internal brand development and brand voice, then defining the visual language across all platforms. Working from the strategic direction "more than meets the eye," our visual language incorporates unique hallmarks from the movie – infusing the essence of futuristic "Cybertronian technology," the medieval heraldry of "The Last Night," and the underlying expression of legendary secrets revealed.