About Us

We’ve been designing for brands since 1989, translating each brand’s personality to consumers with a critical mix of creativity and strategic focus. Chances are, you already know our work–we’re in the stores you shop, the media that entertains you and the business in which you invest.



Powerhouse Illustration and 3D

Take the imagination and talent of a single artist… and then multiply it by 15. That is the power of PicturePlane. We are small enough to work closely with our clients on every project, and large enough to handle the most comprehensive campaign in an effective, timely and cost efficient manner. With a full range of concept and sketch artists, painters and finishers, and 3D creators and manipulators, PicturePlane creates the visual content that our clients require. Put your assets in our hands; let us show you what we’ve got. View Our Work

Open Bar


Open Bar, our full-service interactive division, is a natural extension of everything HCI stands for, expressed through digital media.  We offer a comprehensive list of capabilities spanning the digital landscape including website design and implementation, UI/UX design, mobile applications, social media strategy, and experiential design for trade shows and media events. With Open Bar, anything goes and drinks are always on the house. View Our Work


Strategic Advertising

We find unique opportunities to transform your brand into a gravitational market force. We find fans through fun, compelling audiences to action and ultimately driving results. Our primary delivery is branded content, and we use a full suite of techniques including live-action shoots, graphic packages, and game content that crosses traditional, new media and beyond. We’re results-driven problem solvers that carry a complete storytelling toolbox consisting of comedy, action, drama, and just a touch of romance for you softies out there. View Our Work