20th Century Fox is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their first major full length animated feature, Anastasia, directed by Gary Goldman and Don Bluth. For us, it’s actually the 22nd anniversary of creating our first brand style guide in ’95, preceding the film launch. To kick off their new Phoenix-based animation studio and movie announcement off with a bang, our guide doubled as an over-the-top premium promotion piece, with deluxe editions given to key executives, influential media folks, and the like. The deluxe guide weighed in at about 350 pages (and around 20 lbs), and sported a handcrafted mahogany case with bespoke, imported bronze hardware. Sidenote: we originally designed the cover of the book in leather; seconds before going to the printer someone remembered that the head of Fox at the time was vegan and we switched it out to naugahyde. Crisis averted.