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Video games big or small

We’ve worked through five generations of consoles (and counting) without wavering for one reason - a commitment to excellent work that looks good and has the right thinking behind it. Whether it be a AAA sequel, a new IP, or mobile we can set you on the path to success with brand strategy, key art, logo, or whatever you may need.

Not just child's play

Where it all began for us over 30 years ago was in the toy world and while there have been some big changes, we have evolved with the market every step of the way. From full packaging lines that are production ready, to special collector’s packaging, to packaging concepts for licensing partners – we have seen it and can solve it.

Big screen ready

The blossoming of streaming platforms in the last half decade has created an interesting dilemma for theatrical key art and logos – what is the line anymore between film & TV? The balance of showing the grandeur of the property while making sure it can read straightforward when it transfers to the small screen is at the forefront of our thinking when it comes to our film and TV projects.

Once more with motion

Adding motion to your brand’s new logo is almost considered a mandatory to us at this point to allow for more varied use across any medium. We offer a full slate of motion animation to animate those logos or dial up your key art into cinemagraphs

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