Visual storytellers, driven by a passion for discovery.

Fueled by imagination

To a certain extent we like to think that our job is taking the manifestations of your imagination and bringing them to life – you make the dreams and we give them form.

Different styles for
different stories

You give us a target and we can hit the mark no matter what the style – from cartoon to storybook to 3D so realistic you have to ask what is and isn’t real anymore.

The right tools for the job

Our team at PicturePlane has the experience and skill to work in the right medium for what is needed whether it be sketch, photography, illustration, animation, or 3D modeling.

Some motion with the madness

We don’t just stick to “still life”, our team of motion & 3D animators can bring your logo or art to life.

A particular set of skills

Take the imagination and talent of a single artist… and then multiply by 15. That is the power of PicturePlane. We are small enough to work closely with our clients on every project, and large enough to handle the most comprehensive campaign in an effective, timely and cost efficient manner. With a full range of concept and sketch artists, painters and finishers, and 3D creators and manipulators, PicturePlane can deliver any visual content that our clients require. Put your assets in our hands; let us show you what we’ve got.

Visual content  case studies