Promotional Programs

DEMN bundles these two entities and markets to cable and satellite providers across the country. Our challenge: how do you create a visual design system that effectively integrates imagery as disparate as gridiron warriors and pretty princesses in the same communication, while retaining each brand’s individual integrity? We delivered a full identity system, extensive style guide, advertising, microsite, and promotional mailing concepts and executions.

Our Work

Visual Language / Style Guide / Advertising / Copywriting / Creative Strategy / Concepting / Interactive / Digital / Email Campaign

Bespoke, premium promotion mailings figure heavily in the DEMN B2B engagement strategy. We theme each promotion around a seasonal event and deliver an unforgettable "unboxing" experience.

Each promotion pairs with a digital component to extend and enrich the experience. The result is a memorable multi-tiered engagement delivering the brand story across multiple touch points.